Old Glossop School

Old Glossop School

Friday, 15 July 2011

Notes of the Meeting on 12/07/11

Welcome & introductions
Ian welcomed the 60 people present, introduced himself and explained that the aim of the meeting was looking at the possibility of acquiring the building for use by the community after the school community vacated the building, most likely in October .The Duke of Norfolk School itself was not closing but moving to a single site at Royle Avenue. 

Valuation of building

Someone at the 12/7 meeting has drawn my attention to the Report of the Deputy Director of Derbyshire CC given to Cabinet on 7th March 2011.


Gill has done some checking on licenses, an issue raised at the 12/7 meeting. She writes:-

In simple terms as it is a community building for use by the community you could in fact apply for all the relevant licences ie entertainment, music, dancing etc,  for no cost.  The only one that would cost you would be the alcohol licence, having said that you can have 12 temporary event licences per year at the building, so should you require an alcohol licence for a particular event get the organiser to obtain it.
The recommendation is to go for all the licences you can that don’t cost and then get the event organiser to obtain any alcohol licence if required.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


The idea for FROGS came out of a public meeting on 12th July 2011 and the commitment to keep the old school building, opened in 1854, for use by the local community. 60 people attended the meeting, shared ideas about future use and 8 people have formed a Steering Group to progress the project. The first steps will be the adoption of a constitution, the appointment of officers and the start of serious fund-raising. The market value of the building could be in the region of £200,000 (see the blog under 'Valuation')..

The school building will be vacated in the autumn by the Duke of Norfolk CE Primary School moving to the single site at Royle Avenue, Glossop.

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